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Swedish Advocate Takes Horses to Nepal


The OneLife, One Village project in Nepal is helping save a Himalayan village by diverting destructive underground and surface water that drains from 3 different mountains into the village. This community development provides an open door to a remote location and people who have never heard the Good News of Jesus Christ. 

In 2017 we conducted a medical clinic in this high elevation Nepal village, providing medical services for most of the villagers including school children. During the clinic we asked the children to draw pictures of horses to send to children in Sweden in the Dala horse “exchange.”

The Dala horse project was initiated by One Life Dreams in Sweden. During the Gothenburg Culture Festival in August, Swedish children hand painted these small wooden horses for less fortunate children in other parts of the world.

In November, Daniel from One Life Dreams arrived in Nepal with two-hundred Dala horses from Sweden. Daniel distributed one-hundred horses to the children in two Lowa schools. The other one-hundred horses will be distributed to children in the mountain village schools next spring.