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Student team provides Living Water in South Asia


By Hope Livingston*

SOUTH ASIA—Arriving in a village, a team of three Face2Face students began asking: “Which water pumps are broken? What is the problem?”

Keeping a record, the students evaluated water pumps in villages throughout Southeast Asia to help identify needs for One Cup of Water, a OneLife project dedicated to providing clean water by repairing or providing public wells.

“There’s a huge need for clean water,” said Face2Face student Ginny Hessler,* 21. She captured videos of the team at work and echoed their motto, “They need clean water, but what they really need is Living Water.”

After checking off a list of needed repairs, the Face2Face students spent time with the villagers by playing with the children and presenting the Gospel before going to the next village.

*Names changed.

Hope Livingston is a writer serving among the peoples of South Asia.

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