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Prayer for YN

Three girls sat on a small futon in a dimly lit room, all busy looking at their phones and other electronics. The sliding door opened and a man popped his head in looking to hire one of the girls. Without even glancing up from her iPad, one of the girls, YN, said that the girls were busy and didn't want any business.

After the man left, YN showed me her iPad on which she had typed out “Have you come here to tell us about Jesus?”

From this we used a translation tool to share the Good News with her and the two other girls in the shop. My teammate and I explained to YN about sin and the consequences of our sin.

“Our sin separates us from our Creator. But, the Creator God has a desire to be in relationship with His creation, you and me.”

She recalled the information packets we had given her the day before. She asked about forgiveness. “I read that the Son came to forgive us. Who is the Son?”

I explained that Jesus is the Son of God. He is man and he is God. He came to this earth to take away our sins and restore us to the Father.

“The only way to have a relationship with the Father is to accept Jesus as your Savior. He died on a cross so that we wouldn’t have to pay the penalty of our sin.”

When I said the word cross, she repeated it and made a symbol with her fingers in the shape of a cross. I said “Yes exactly”. She told me she knew the story very well. She said “All you have to do is pray and ask God to forgive you of the bad in your life and he will make your life better with His son Jesus.”

I then asked her what she thought and if she wanted to believe. She responded. “I am sorry. I do not want to believe. I think God is just a spiritual supplement.”

My heart instantly dropped. I went from thinking “This is it. This girl is about to believe.” to nothing. Absolute rejection. I was devastated.

I told her that before I believed, I thought similarly about God and religion, but I found that the Creator God was different. I asked if we could pray with her before we left. She said yes.

I prayed and wrote my prayer out for her so she could translate it on her app. She thanked me, and then my teammate and I asked if we could come back. 

She said, “No, I do not think that is a good idea because we are working.”

I told her it didn’t matter. We just wanted to talk and be her friends. But she insisted that the shop was not safe and that we shouldn’t come back. I pleaded with her one more time and gave her my phone number to call me when she wanted us to come back. It has been three weeks since we visited that shop.

We pray that the Spirit of God will move in the lives of each girl. We ask God to bring salvation to the girls that work in this shop.

~ OneLife student volunteer

Those who sow in tears shall reap with shouts of joy!

He who goes out weeping, bearing the seed for sowing,

shall come home with shouts of joy, bringing his sheaves with him.

Psalm 126:5-6

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