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From a Brothel to a Bakery

Looking through our window this season, the bakery flurries with quick feet carrying pans upon pans of Sugar Cookies, each carefully decorated with various sprinkles and colorful sugars.  ...
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Seek and You Will Find

As we pushed open the door and stepped inside, we greeted the woman who sat alone in the cramped shop. She was perched on a swivel chair in the window, her presence beckoning passing men to come ...
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From Slavery to Salvation

Sarah* and Julie*, two workers at the One Brothel project, waited at the metro to meet Laura* and Winnie* as they usually did on Friday afternoons. Whether it was going to a nearby park, hiking ...
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Caring Center provides home, education for orphans in Zimbabwe

MBERENGWA, Zimbabwe -- At the age of 12, Thandi Togo was given two ...
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FIRST PERSON: Gospel green light in a red-light district

The red-light district of a south Asian city would seem an unlikely place to relearn a bedrock Gospel truth. This is a place where dirty children ...
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One notebook changes students lives

Provide composition notebooks for 150,000 orphan school children in 200 schools in Zimbabwe. Sixty-five percent of Zimbabwe’s children have lost one or both parents to HIV/AIDS. The children ...
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