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Syrian children at risk of exploitation

After walking along the Mediterranean Sea for about an hour, we decided to sit down on a bench in the shade. We sat and watched the people pass, everyone excited for the perfectly warm day. ...
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Syrian children growing up with the sounds of war

With dirt on her face, the small girl shyly approached the crowd holding a pack of lighters for sale. Barely reaching the height of an adult’s waist, she glanced upward at passersby asking ...
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Living Like Death

Looking down at the dying bird carried in by her children, Ghufran* said, “We’ve become like this bird here, and the bird is better than us.” 

The despair in the ...
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Summer has come! The weather is changing, and so is life in our city. Our many expat customers have left for the season to spend time in their passport countries. With their exit, business is ...
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One children’s home to care for group of HIV victims

When Navin was a drunk, his attention was centered on when he would get another drink. That singular focus clouding his judgment, he was mean to his family and didn’t care how he affected ...
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Go to extremes! Share your faith with Mongolia’s nomads this summer.

By Tess Rivers

MONGOLIA—Imagine a place with little access to the outside world. You have little need of Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. You spend summer days herding sheep, goats, ...
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