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Volunteers from Texas meet Syrian crisis face to face

By Brian Andrews

Lucy Stephenson* and Naomi Hansell* entered the Syrian family’s tent, distribution kit in tow. Unable to find a ...
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Alaska church brings laughter and God’s love to Syrian refugees

The paper accordion hit the ground and Kareem* burst into uncontrollable laughter. His mother rushed in from the next room to see what the ...
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Food For Syrian Refugees

Staple foods are at the heart of new Southern Baptist OneLife Syrian relief efforts, along with medicine and hygiene supplies, shelter, heaters, oil, clothing, blankets, mattresses, carpets and ...
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Syrian conflict creates a global crisis

DAMASCUS, Syria – “I am staying,” said a Baptist pastor in Syria. “They tell me to travel, to leave, to immigrate, but I tell them I am staying.”

He is one of ...
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Syrian Refugees - From Crisis To Disaster

On average 6,000 Syrians cross the border into neighboring countries of Lebanon, Jordan, Turkey, and Iraq every day. As the number increases the need for support becomes greater with every passing ...
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No direction home for Syrian street children

Half of the roughly 4 million refugees from the ongoing Syrian crisis are children. After fleeing the horrors of war, the children face many new challenges as they struggle to get by. Resorting to ...
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