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Race against time

The work will be too hard. There won't be enough time to complete it. It's a God-sized task under harsh conditions.
That's what veteran missionaries told me they said as they sent young ...
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Haiti: the sweet smell of sweat

Andre Dorlette smiles as he scans the heap of shattered concrete and twisted rebar that used to be his family's home. Perched on a hillside near Port-au-Prince, the house represented the life ...
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Fusion teaches back-breaking, heart-lifting missions in Peruvian Andes

Elvis Manchengo is going to hell. At least that's what the 20-year-old mechanic fears is inevitable. On a bright Sunday morning in the Peruvian Andes, Manchengo is one of only two people on the ...
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God uses young missionary's willingness to go

When David was 14 years old he told God he wanted to be a missionary, but he didn't want to wait until he was older. He joined a team that went to a Filipino village of 3,000 people to do ...
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Student makes impact among prostitutes in Philippines

Elizabeth Paul, a college student from Dallas, Texas, and her Nehemiah teammates couldn't understand. It didn't make sense why Grace, an 8-months pregnant manager of a prostitute bar in Manila, ...
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