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Summer has come! The weather is changing, and so is life in our city. Our many expat customers have left for the season to spend time in their passport countries. With their exit, business is slowing down a bit at the bakery, giving us time to renovate our new bakery (hopefully to have a BIG opening in August) and thankfully, we have been able to visit girls in brothels more frequently and spend more time getting to know them.

Recently we were in an area, DXG, that has always been a very dark place and definitely a difficult place to enter into. Our presence there is not always welcomed. Sometimes all we can do is ride through the area on our motorcycle and pray. This particular day, though, we were able to spend more time in this area and have meaningful conversations with a couple of the girls. One brothel housed two girls, one girl that we had seen many times while riding our motorcycle. This girl had always sat in the window of one of the brothels, peeking outside behind her porcelain skin and glasses that housed long fake eyelashes. This day, her face became more than a face; it became a name and a soul.

XW has worked at this brothel for more than two years, and this is the first time we have been able to share the truth of the Gospel with her verbally, though she has most likely received tracks and has definitely been prayed over. Praise God, on this visit we were able to share our entire testimony. We were able to tell XW that Jesus loves her and that He has a wonderful plan for her life. We told XW that Jesus wanted to save her and that He has not forgotten her.

Though this conversation was eventually interrupted by the boss coming back to the brothel, we are so amazed at the leaps we were able to make in sharing the Good News with a girl that we had seen in a window so many prayer walks and motorcycle rides before.

Thank you so much for all your prayers and encouragement. Some of you have even prayer walked this street in DXG that XW works at, and you may have even prayed over her specifically as you walked by her shop. So, as you go throughout your day, even from afar, please remember to pray for XW.

  • Please pray for her as she still lives and works under the red glow of that brothel.
  • Pray that God would meet XW where she is and save her.
  • Pray that XW would desire to know Christ and would live the rest of her days being held by Him.
  • Even now, before she believes, pray that XW would be given a safe opportunity to leave her job and her old life to enter into a new life with Christ.