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No direction home for Syrian street children


Half of the roughly 4 million refugees from the ongoing Syrian crisis are children. After fleeing the horrors of war, the children face many new challenges as they struggle to get by. Resorting to a life on the streets, many young refugees in Lebanon become premature entrepreneurs trying to sell non-essential items such as flowers, lighters and coffee to passersby – just to keep themselves fed. This gallery of Polaroid portraits gives a glimpse into the lives of these children.

PHOTOGRAPHER'S NOTE: In this digital age, the choice to photograph the children with a Polaroid camera was quite intentional. Additionally, the Polaroid prints have come to symbolize for me the lives of these children. Polaroid film is processed instantly, and the prints are rather portable. In similar fashion, some of these children were likely forced to flee their homeland in a moment's notice and now are practically homeless as they wander the streets day in and day out, struggling to survive.