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Micah Watson Goes to South Asia

When Micah Watson came to South Asia for the first time, he never thought he’d be back. The devastating poverty among the 22 million people in the city was overwhelming, along with the daunting task of sharing Jesus with them. 

Watson, of Micah Watson Band, grew up overseas as an MK in Israel. He’s been writing songs and leading worship since college. So, partnering with OneLife was not a difficult decision. OneLife is an initiative focused on providing overseas opportunities for students to make a difference with their lives.

When he was invited to be a part of a songwriter’s trip, Watson thought he would be writing songs and experiencing the city. He arrived at the airport with his guitar. Then, he quickly found himself face-to-face with dirty children in the slums. This father of four wanted to pick them up and play with them.

Watson, who is not an outgoing person, was surprised when the team leader said they’d be going out two-by-two to share the Gospel and pray for the sick. But, he prayed, “God I need you to put words in my mouth.” Within a matter of seconds, people invited him into their homes.

Even though Watson sings weekly in front of unknown crowds of faces, sharing with them about how God is working, he still struggles to share the Gospel one-on-one.

 “I don’t think anybody really feels that they can do it,” Watson said. But, when he came to South Asia, God did something with him.

Watson realized more than ever the Holy Spirit is working all around the world. “God went before us and is behind us working,” he said. “When you go on a trip like this, you’re just becoming a part of what God is already doing. You’re not creating a new thing. We just need to tap into what God is doing,”

Since that first trip, Watson has shared about South Asia at every concert he’s given throughout the southern United States. His song — Your Hands, Your Heart, Your Voice — is the result of a year’s worth of talking about what God is doing there.

And, that’s why he had to come back to the slums to make the music video. Even though people stopped and stared, forming a crowd around him. Even though trash covered the streets. Even though dirty children roamed wild.

“As overwhelming as it is that there are so many people,” Watson said. “It’s more overwhelming that God knows each one of them,”

Watson believes that music is the one art form that people can’t ignore. And, he wants to use music to stir people’s hearts toward what God’s doing in the world.

 “If you can get songs in front of the church that are focused on missions, on what God is doing in the nations,” Watson said, “If you can get that rolling around in people’s heads, then maybe more people would give, go and pray.”

 “When people hear the song Your Hands, Your Heart, Your Voice, I hope they will stop and realize, ‘Hey, I have to go and be God’s heart and hands. It’s not just a lovely thought for someone else,’” Watson said. “You don’t do your Christian duty at 18 and that’s it. We’re commanded to do it. So, let’s do it.”

Even if it means giving up a summer or a vacation, Watson encourages everyone to be a part of God’s work among the nations. “God has done something in your life that’s worth telling people about,” Watson said.