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Child Slavery in Bangladesh

As I sat in my bedroom, I could hear her crying all afternoon in the apartment just above me. K, a precious little 9-year-old girl just wanted to go home to her family. I had met her in the stairwell the previous day. My neighbor had hired her to be a house cleaner and nanny to her baby. At age 9, her childhood was determined to be over, and she was suddenly chosen to be the breadwinner for her poor village family. My neighbor finally sent K home after a week of tears. She said, 'K was lazy; she will not do!' K is no longer working, but her family is still hungry. Pray for the millions of little girls from poor villages in the country of Bangladesh, not only to be rescued from physical slavery where they are forced into manual labor or prostitution, but also to find spiritual freedom. Ask God to make a way for them and for their families. Pray that God's hope will come to village girls and families of Bangladesh.

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