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Brothel ministry leads taxi driver to faith

A Chinese male taxi driver is celebrating his new life in Christ, a relationship he first heard about from Americans focused on evangelistic outreach to women in a large Chinese city.

Last year at Christmas, Mr. Black, an unofficial Chinese taxi driver, had received a Christmas gift packet from a group of Texas students who rode in his taxi. The packet contained a DVD about Jesus, a tract and some sweets. He read through the materials several times, watched the DVD and was interested in what he learned from them.

One day, however, Mr. Black cheated Belinda Baker*, a Christian worker who lives long-term in that city, so she stopped using him as her taxi driver.

But she ran into him again when a large number of short-term workers came from Mississippi this past summer to help Baker in her work. “We called another driver and thought he was coming, but he did not have time so he sent Mr. Black instead,” Baker said.

Black apologized for cheating her in the past. Baker forgave him. In his guilt, he repeatedly mentioned his past offense to her. She explained to him that he was truly forgiven, and that real forgiveness meant that he no longer had to apologize, explain or discuss the matter. Their relationship was restored.

A few weeks ago, a group of Mississippi college students spent two weeks of their Christmas holiday in this city, focused on reaching women there who work in brothels. During this trip they used Black for most of their transportation needs. The college women enjoyed riding with Black as he navigated the streets during their snow-filled days in the city.

His passengers’ kind demeanor had made an impression on him. A few days after Christmas, Black asked Baker if the college students were Christians too.

Today is your first day of real life … It is like your birthday. All is forgiven in the past; it’s forgotten never to be brought up again! You are new!

She told him that they were. He was excited, asking if they would also distribute gift bags like the group did last year; she told him they would.

It led to a long conversation in the car about how God changes us, and how we become better with his Spirit working in us. Black then enthusiastically discussed with Baker the evangelistic movie he had received last year, the tract and the story of Jesus’ life.

“Mr. Black, do you want to be a Christian?” Baker asked.

“Yes!” he answered.

So, when they reached their destination, they both went into the first floor of the building where the college women were staying, and the women came downstairs. As the American students looked on, Baker shared with Black how he could become a follower of Christ. And in that moment, he prayed to receive Christ into his life!

Later that evening, Baker rode in Black’s car as they distributed gift bags through the city. “Today is your first day of real life,” she told him. “It is like your birthday. All is forgiven in the past; it’s forgotten never to be brought up again! You are new!”

“Yes!” Black said. “Today is my birthday. All my sins are forgiven and forgotten!”

*names changed


“One Brothel” is a project of the “One Life” initiative. “One Brothel” seeks to share Christ with women involved in brothels in a large city in East Asia, teaching skills and walking alongside women as they find new jobs and new lives. To find out more about the project, visit: