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Amazing Results


OneLife's One Children's Center project in China provides commuinity centers for children who are left-behind in the countryside while parents work in big city factories. The One Community Outreach project provides community development in very needy areas. 

In 2017 we continted to support an orphan school in a minority UPG area. Because their parents are drug addicts, have HIV-AIDS, are in prison or have died, many children in this area have no way to go to school. Through this ministry 400 children are now going to school for the first time in their lives.

In addition, 700 water filters were delivered to schools in a Muslim region, providing clean water for 5000 children. For seven years Chinese national missionaries struggled to start work in a specific region. Our team trained them to start a school drinking water project which created a good relationship between the missionaries and the local government. The government helped them register as an NGO and wants to work with them to begin some orphanage projects.

More praises from these projects:

  • 55,000 people benefited from clean water and sanitation projects
  • 7100 water filters were distributed
  • 2500 latrines/waste disposal systems were built
  • 2000 children received educational help
  • 1800 people heard the gospel for the first time
  • 400 people received food assistance
  • 350 local national churches were involved
  • 300 people came to faith
  • 220 community organizations were started
  • 35 Bible study/storying groups were started
  • 35 new areas were opened for future work
  • 13 churches were planted
  • 1 micro-enterprise was initiated

Number of people receiving training:

  • 4000:    health care training
  • 1062:    church leaders trained to serve communities
  • 1000:    community development training
  • 396:      disaster relief/response training
  • 250:      NPO/NGO training
  • 50:       literacy training
  • 30:       jobs skills/vocational training

We praise God for all He is doing.