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300 people fed through Winter Food Program


THANK YOU OneLife advocates who generously support this project. Recent economic and political issues have put an enormous strain on the lives of poor and vulnerable Himalayan families. Because of your financial support we were able to feed more than 300 people every day for a whole month through our Winter Food Program. We were able to engage the homeless, the lost, the poor and the broken. It was such a privilege getting to know the men, women and children, and hearing their stories! Thank you for making all of this possible! 

From Sunday-Friday, the cooks started preparing tea and biscuits around 6:30am. Mostly children came for breakfast before heading to school or back home. The older kids brought their siblings and helped feed the little ones. It was so neat to see all the children looking out for one another. They helped each other get tea and pulled out chairs for the 2 year olds. Christian workers passed out biscuits and talked with the older kids about what they were going to do that day.  

After breakfast was served, the five cooks took a short break and then started preparing lunch. They washed and chopped the day's vegetables and made pot after pot of rice and lentils. Families started arriving around 10:15am and were eating promptly at 10:30am. The cooks, helpers and workers ate around 11:15am after everyone else had been served. This gave the cooks a break in the afternoon to buy spices for dinner, sit in the sunshine, or play Carrom, a local game similar to shuffleboard. By 3:30pm the cooks were at it again, chopping, and mixing, and cooking. As it started to get dark around 5:30, large groups started flowing in. Most of the people who came for lunch became familiar faces who also came for dinner. It was neat to see the same people every day, and get to know them and what they were going through. As we learned about their situations, we were better able to pray for their needs and follow up with them. 

The last week of the Winter Food Program we decided to show the Jesus Film during the afternoon break and invited everyone to come. We prayed that God would bring the people who needed to hear the Good News, and that they'd come with receptive hearts and minds. Twenty-five people showed up to watch, which felt like quite a success compared to the blank stares we got when we had invited everyone. Most of those who came sat through the entire movie (including the cooks!), but quickly left after it was finished. We pray that a seed was planted that day in the hearts of those adults and children and that there will be future opportunities to interact with them. 

On the last night of the Winter Food Program, everyone thanked us profusely and presented us with khatas as a sign of their appreciation for us. It was an overwhelming evening, seeing how much they appreciated the program as we said goodbye to the new friends we had made. 

Please continue to pray for the new friendships that were made during this time. We continue to have opportunities to share the Gospel. Pray that the love of Christ shown to them will play a role in drawing them to Faith in Christ!

One Life Matters! Your support makes a difference in the lives of Himalayan people in Nepal.

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