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Swedish Advocate Takes Horses to Nepal

The OneLife, One Village project in Nepal is helping save a Himalayan village by diverting destructive underground and surface water that drains ...
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Amazing Results

OneLife's One Children's Center project in China provides commuinity centers for children who are left-behind in the countryside while parents ...
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Today we heard from Sabrina, a 16 year-old Christian songwriter and entrepreneur who has raised more than $1200 for Read More

I want to have a home

Misheel lives in the countryside with her mother and father. They are herdsmen and recently lost their home and their livestock in a wildfire. ...
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300 people fed through Winter Food Program

THANK YOU OneLife advocates who generously support this project. Recent economic and political issues have put an enormous strain on the lives of ...
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Micro-businesses provide practical skills and life lessons

KATHMANDU, Nepal—Lujung Dhopa understands loneliness. Widowed at age 20 after her husband of six years died in a Himalayan snowstorm, the ...
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