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One Women's Shelter

One Women's Shelter

South Asia

Help exploited women escape slavery and meet the Father who knows them completely and loves them fully.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Provide rescue and shelter for some of the 100,000 women (and their children) involved in sex slavery and prostitution in this city of twenty-two million. Most of these women were trafficked into prostitution when they were children and do not believe there is a God who loves them personally. Their children also need to experience the unconditional love of Christ.

    Giving to One Women’s Shelter will support the ministries of the shelter that teach life skills and a new trade to the rescued women. As a volunteer, you will partner with local believers to share testimonies and teach Bible stories to the women and children. You will also share the gospel through the redemption home/shelter where rescued women and their children are becoming committed disciples of Jesus Christ and learning marketable skills to support themselves later. These women are, in turn, helping others know the One who made them priceless.

    Pouring time and positive attention into these women helps them understand the love the Father has for them. Share the gospel and incarnate the love of Christ with these women so they will run to Him as their Comforter, Healer, and, most of all, their Savior.

  • Cultural Information:

    The hospitable South Asian culture has a dark side. Sex trafficking and HIV/AIDS are rampant. This is a challenging assignment as you work to rescue and rehabilitate young women who have been sold as sex slaves and prostitutes.

  • Geographic Information:

    This is located in a mega-city of 22 million people. The weather is hot and humid most of the year. Living and working in the city is a challenge.


Sharing Love

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Women’s Shelter for 15 women and 15 children: 

  • Rent for shelter building:            mo: $822.
  • Utilities:                                    mo: $180.
  • Resident support/job training:     mo: $1,000.
  • 5 Staff/supplies:                        mo: $1,891.

Shelter support and job training:             mo: $3,894.

Activity Outreach Center in red light area:

  • Rent:                                        mo: $247.
  • Utilities:                                    mo: $107.
  • Outfitting: (kitchen, furniture):    mo: $237.
  • 3 Staff:                                      mo: $814.
  • Program and outreach costs:        mo: $1,022.

Activity Outreach Center:                      mo: $2,427.

 You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230

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Pray that as women transition to the recovery home, God would open their hearts to hear and respond to His love.

Pray for the staff at the recovery home, that they would have wisdom, patience, endurance, and most of all, love, as they seek to help the women build new lives. 

Ask God to provide families and husbands for the women who have come out of the red light area. 

Pray for the children of the prostitutes, that God would protect them from the evil that is all around them, and that He would provide them and their mothers ways out of the area. 

Pray that those still enslaved and involved in the red light districts would hunger for rescue, seek it, and find it. 

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