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One Vision

One Vision


Provide eye glasses for 100,000 school children and senior citizens in rural villages.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Have you ever wondered what the lines on the palm of your hand looked like? Probably not because we have access to quality vision care. Sight is so important to those who are spiritually blind but sight is also important to villagers who are trying to live life day by day. Once the elderly begin to lose their sight they have no options. They need their sight in order to mend their clothes, pick rocks out of their rice, and read the Bible.

    This program works closely with national believers who have a burden to care for and share with people in the rural villages. Eye glass screening and eye glass distribution provides a means to access the village and share with them in the safety of their homes. Through your donation we will supply eye refraction kits, eye glasses, eye glass cases, and the training to go into villages to distribute the eye glasses and the gospel. This will allow local churches to make long-term impact in rural communities throughout this region.

    Volunteers can be involved in this project. Team sizes and dates can vary. The trip is about 14 days. Costs are $600 plus airfare, insurance, visa. 

  • Cultural Information:

    The people are animistic in religion and live in fear and shame without knowledge of the One, True, Living God. Through this project we will be able to engage them all with the gospel.

  • Geographic Information:

    This project is in a diverse region that is home to many different people groups among the least evangelized province in China. The local environment hosts a tropical climate with dense forests, beautiful mountains, and abundant water.



Provide eye glasses for 100,000 children and senior citizens in rural China.

  • Eye refraction kits @ $100 per kit – need 100 kits
  • Distance glasses @ $.33 each – need 50,000 pair
  • Reading glasses @ $.33 each – need 50,000 pair
  • Eye glass cases @ $.15 each – need 100,000 cases
  • Train 500 believers to distribute glasses and the Gospel @ $50 each

You can also donate by check

    Write check to IMB

    Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

    OneLife – IMB

    PO Box 6767

    Richmond, VA 23230

If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world.

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Pray for entry into remote villages.

Pray that peoples hearts would be open to the gospel.

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