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One Village

One Village


Help save this village by diverting destructive underground and surface water that drains from 3 different directions into the village.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Ground water draining under the buildings has created structurally compromised homes in this ethnic Tibetan Himalayan village. After evaluation by an environmental engineer last year, the villagers decided the best solution was to build curtain drains around the homes. Funds are needed for renting an excavator, operator, and fuel as well as supplies and labor for building curtain drains around the base of the homes in this village. This would prevent a repeat of the devastation from the 2015 earthquake due to surface water problems.

    This project will rent the excavator and pay for the necessary supplies to build the curtain drains.  In some homes, drains will have to be built under the floor as curtain drains are not possible.  Volunteers to help in the construction of the drainage system are  welcome.  If sufficient funds are available, the second consideration will be to construct proper sewage systems.  The third consideration would be generating limited electricity for the village through a micro-hydro plant.

    The area in which this village is located is restricted access and very costly to enter.  People in this village have had limited exposure to the Gospel.  The goal is to create greater receptivity by physically demonstrating the love of Christ.  Volunteers helping with this project should be in ready for physical exertion with no dietary problems.  They should also be mature Christians -  able and ready to share their faith and with a strong personal walk.

  • Cultural Information:

    In the ethnic Tibetan villages of the Himalayas, the people are staunchly Buddhist. The Tibetan people of Nepal continue to be not only one of the most difficult to reach with the Gospel due to their geographic isolation, and one of the most resistant to respond to the Gospel.

    Many of these Himalayan Tibetans believe Christians don't really care about people. They see Christians come and hand out tracts or Bibles but don't often see Christians getting involved in meeting their felt and physical needs. Tangibly helping this people group will cause them to reevaluate the way they perceive Christians and the Gospel of Christ.

  • Geographic Information:

    This high-elevation Himalayan mountain village is located in a restricted access area of the country. During the 2015 Nepal earthquake this village was almost completely destroyed. Even though many of the buildings have been rebuilt, the real problem lies in the mountain runoff water which drains from three directions into the village. For six months of the year the ground becomes oversaturated and many homes flood. This has caused great structural compromise in the foundations and walls of the buildings. When the earthquake struck, the buildings collapsed.



Financial needs for length of the project

  • Access permits for restricted area:          $42,000    
  • Government conservation permits:          $960
  • Guide/translator fee:                              $13,500
  • 10 national construction crew:                 $22,500


  • Tractor rental:               $5,000
  • Back hoe rental:            $10,000
  • Bulldozer rental:            $10,000
  • Shovels, picks, axes:      $500
  • Water pump (2):            $4,000 
  • Generator and supplies  $20,000 

Building Supplies:

  • Rock, Sand, Cement:      $50,000
  • Pipe:                             $3,000
  • Toilets:                          $10,000
  • Tin:                               $3,000
  • Fuel:                             $3,000
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  • Ask God to provide sufficient expertise, workers, equipment and funds to solve the water table issues that not only causes the village people to rebuild their homes every 20 years due to unstable foundations but also puts them at extreme risk should another earthquake hit before these issues are resolved
  • Pray that sanitation and energy issues might be addressed as well.
  • Pray that all Christians involved in the project might walk in the Spirit and be vessels of Christ for God’s glory.
  • Pray that the work done in this village will open spiritual doors and hearts for Christ throughout the region and that His church might be established in every village and place.
  • Pray that every work of the evil one, every pride, every prejudice, every vain tradition and religion, and everything that raises itself up against the glory of Christ be bound and brought captive to Christ.

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