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One Step

One Step

East Asia

Support a center that encourages, serves and trains disabled youth to become productive members of society.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    In this country, youth with disabilities are looked down upon by society, considered burdens to their parents, can rarely attend school, and often lack the confidence and ability to enter society and make any impact. Disabled youth often don’t know what they are good at or could be good at, and their valuable years of youth fly by, wasted. Our hope is to offer a long-term training program to those who are gifted in certain areas to help them discover and cultivate their intelligence and help them become people with expertise and experience in those areas.

    The first step is to break down the barriers so disabled youth can go out and make friends with people their own age and learn how to get along with others. Next, through various courses and lectures, the center will help them find their own strengths and gifts, so that they can develop and use them in society. The training center encourages, serves, and trains disabled youth to become productive members of society.

    The training center will teach real life skills to disabled young adults, enhance their confidence in making and doing things, improve their skills and increase their efficiency in doing real work. For example, some children are good language learners. They can become translators through studying languages. They can make a living and at the same time help others with this skill. Those whose hands are quite flexible can learn knitting and handicrafts. The center can help them build their own selling marketplaces to sell their products online. Those who are deaf or cannot speak can be trained to make coffee and snacks, such as cookies, and with patience and good training, they could become experts in the areas they enjoy. Others could learn to make handcrafts at home, and can sell their crafts, especially on holidays and during festivals.

    Realizing this vision will take some time. The first step is to get to know more disabled young people. Then, organize different kinds of activities suited to their needs, to help them develop social, life, and working skills. Finally, the training center encourages them to find their role in life as well as the meaning and vision of their lives: that the weak become strong and that the strong help and serve others.

  • Cultural Information:

    This charming city of 12 million reflects a significant Russian influence, still noticeable especially in its architecture, meat and alcohol consumption, and even a number of elaborately constructed Russian Orthodox churches. The main religious climate is atheistic, with Christianity, Buddhism, and Islam in the vast minority. Materialism is epidemic.

  • Geographic Information:

    This large city has cold, harsh winters and lots of tourists for its annual Ice and Snow Festival.


Gifts to this project will be used in the following ways.

• One time expenses:

      1) The purchase of a van with wheelchair lift: $48,000

      2) Renovations and equipping of the service center:

         - Wheelchair ramps, restrooms, kitchen: $12,800

         - 4 wheelchairs for use at the service center: $640

         - Kitchen appliances, dishes, and other utensils: $800

         - Computer, projector, printer:  $1,920

         - Furniture: tables, chairs, shelves, sofa, etc: $2,080

  • Yearly expenses :

    1) Rent for the service center (including heat): $24,000/yr

    2) Utilities (electricity, water, gas, etc.): $2,880/yr

    3) Salaries for two full-time staff: $11,520/yr

    4) Transportation (insurance, fuel, maintenance): $3,200/yr

    5) Service Center supplies (books, learning aids, etc): $240/yr

 • Big activities:

Classes and trainings, field trips or outings: $15,705/3yr

 You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230

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Ask God to create opportunities for sharing the gospel with disabled individuals. 

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