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One Slum

One Slum

South Asia

Bring hope to slum dwellers living in great poverty. Come and serve ‘the least of these’ in His name.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    With more than twenty-two million people, this city needs thousands of healthy, reproducing house churches to reach all those who have never heard of Christ. Some of those new churches have been birthed in a slum.

    Partner with One Slum by giving and volunteering to help local believers change this slum village with the love of Christ. Give to meet basic needs of families and children living in the slum and provide gospel materials to share the hope of Christ. Work in the slum and share the gospel, help plant churches, and make disciples who make disciples. You can help transform this city by reaching "the least of these" in the slums.

  • Cultural Information:

    You will experience the gracious hospitality in this urban center. Relationship is primary and respect is shown to older people.

    80% of the city is Hindu with a considerable Muslim population. Hindu temples and idols dot the city. Animals are considered holy, and though the caste system is outlawed it is still practiced. Many marriages are still arranged and people work within their own caste.

    When they choose to follow Christ, local believers may face family pressure, social challenges, job loss or physical harm. New believers may fear to share their faith with family and community because of persecution.

  • Geographic Information:

    More than half of this city's population lives in slums or on the streets. People who live in the slums are from many backgrounds. They have migrated to the city from all over in search of work. Some settled in slums and never left, even though they became successful in business. Others live on the streets literally sleeping with their families on the medians and along the pavement at night as traffic weaves around them. Many have lost their families. Everyone is working or looking for work, whether it be legitimate work or prostitution, gambling, mafia or political involvement, or begging on the streets. More than eight languages are spoken in the city.


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I want to help slum dwellers NOW!

  • $38 per mo.       -- milk for 25 kids
  • $155 per mo.     -- lunch for 25 kids
  • $31 per mo.       – snack - 50 kids Sunday Bible classes
  • $23 per mo.       – materials for Sunday Bible class for kids
  • $77 per mo.       – salary for cook to make food for the kids
  • $62 per mo.       – salary for one instructor for the kids
  • $40 per mo.       - medical care for the poor
  • $187 per mo      – day care center rent - caring for kids while moms work

You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230

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  • Pray that the local churches will take up the work in their area of helping the people in the slum both physically, and by preaching the Gospel to them in love. 
  • Pray that children in this slum will have physical, emotional, and spiritual protection from evil in their lives which comes in the forms of poverty, abuse, and neglect. 
  • Pray that the existing outreach groups meeting in homes will grow from Bible study and prayer gatherings to produce the fruit of a healthy church that then goes out to make disciples in it’s members’ community. 
  • Pray that national believers will sense the urgency of the need for spiritual transformation in this slum, and would follow Jesus in seeking to serve the people the rest of the world sees as ‘the least of these.’ 

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