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One Mobile Clinic

One Mobile Clinic


Medical professionals and caring Christians: Use mobile clinics to provide medical care to marginalized Muslim immigrant communities.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    More than fifty Muslim people groups call Russia their home. Many are not citizens of Russia and, therefore, are not eligible for government health services. They cannot access private health care because they lack insurance. Some who illegally reside in Russia will not seek traditional health services because they fear deportation.

    People from the North Caucasus are Russian citizens, but are too poor to access private health services, so they rely on government health systems. They are treated poorly because of their Muslim faith and years of ethnic tensions. Moscow offers employment and the highest quality healthcare in Russia, so many Muslims come here in spite of all the barriers to receiving these services.

    One Mobile Clinic will give Muslims in Moscow access to high-quality medical practitioners who also are well-equipped to share the gospel. Types of care include family practice, lab tests, ultrasound, gynecology, endocrinology, neurology, cardiology, urology, ophthalmology, dental pharmaceutical (not major medical or catastrophic care).

    Your gift to this faith-based health service clinic will provide Muslims in Moscow access to safe, accessible, high-quality healthcare with medical practitioners who are evangelical believers. Your gift will offer physical and spiritual healing to a people who have no voice where they live, but who are precious in Gods eyes.

  • Cultural Information:

    This project in located in Russia but mistering to a marginalized Muslim population segment with Islamic beliefs and practices


  • Geographic Information:

    Mega-city in Russia – In mobile clinics throughout the city coordinated from a central modern Health Clinic in the city.



Donated funds will be used to provide primary and secondary care offered by trusted and credentialed Russian medical professionals.

The average cost of care for commonly accessed services:

  • OB/GYN -  $55.00
  • General Practitioner and Specialist -  $17.00
  • Ultrasounds -  $27.00
  • Dental Services -  $77.00

 You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230

Give To This Project


God prepare the hearts of the Muslim people who will receive medical services from the Moscow medical project, so they clearly hear God’s word.  

God give Medical workers wisdom when providing medical care and when they share God’s words with Muslims they are treating

God break-down language barriers, legal barriers and cultural barriers to medical care and sharing God’s word.

God strengthen and protect the worker and their families who are serving God by reaching Muslims in Russian.

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