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One Island

One Island

Southeast Asia

Help a community of Christian farmers resurrect their village on a small Muslim island in Southeast Asia.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    On a small island in Southeast Asia, a community of Christian farmers are trying to resurrect their village which was destroyed forty years ago by a giant wave. Your partnership with One Island will provide food for needy families as they re-establish their farms, open a community library, and establish an eco-tourism-and-agricultural training center.

    Eco-tourism capitalizes on the tremendous natural beauty of the land and sea surrounding the village. An agriculture “Impact Center” runs a milk goat farm and agriculture business to boost the local economy. Some farmers have committed to taking the eco-tourism/agriculture combination and open Impact Centers and share the gospel in struggling villages on five other islands. Give today to help these farmers escape poverty and secure the land for their future and their families.

  • Cultural Information:

    This is historically a majority Christian village, but is surrounded by a Muslim area with a variety of Islamic belief.There is also a predominately Hindu village nearby. Men should wear tasteful short sleeve shirts, and women at least three-quarter length shirts.  It is best for volunteers to wear long pants. Visitors should also bring a swimsuit and shorts. The weather is hot. There is much walking on roads, in the jungle and riding on the back of motorcycles, so you should dress appropriately. Be prepared to eat a lot of rice and fresh fish.

  • Geographic Information:

    This area is made up of eleven major inhabited islands and several smaller islands, many of which are uninhabited. This island is one of the larger ones, and has many villages on it. The farm is a half hour away from a larger city, but when on the smaller islands you will be a few hours away by boat.  There are hills and caves and the surrounding ocean is full of life, which can be viewed by diving, snorkeling, or when cliff jumping into the ocean. Upon initial entry, and prior to departure, some time will be spent in a larger city.


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    By Evelyn Adamson


    In the glory days of exploration, men forged new paths across the world ...
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Here are specific ways your donation will help support this project.

  • Buy a goat -- $200

  • Pay a goat worker for 3 months -- $400

  • Finish a room in the Impact Center -- $500

  • Buy a plot of land to plant goat feed, fruit trees and trees for lumber -- $1,500

  • Build a male goat pen -- $2,000

  • Build a female milk goat pen -- $4,000

 You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230

If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world.

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  • Pray that the development of the milk goat farm and agriculture business would progress well, and that its operation would be efficient and hygienic.

  • Ask God to open doors for the success of this village despite the obstacles these farmers are facing.

  • Ask God to call people to return to this village and soften the hearts of those in nearby villages to hear the good news.

  • Pray for the young families of our tour guides that they would be healthy and the Lord would bless their marriages and give them wisdom as parents.

  • Pray that people with a heart to help this village would come to visit.

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