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One House

One House


Build a Ger. Provide nomadic circular tent homes, livestock and water wells for those who are in great need.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    You can provide nomadic circular tent homes (ger), livestock, water wells, and the gospel for Mongolian families in great need. Your gift will supply homes, clean water wells, sheep, and goats for low-income Mongolian families. As a volunteer, you will set up gers, distribute livestock to herdsmen, dig wells, or follow up on past evangelism and discipleship efforts.

    You will be intentional about building relationships, sitting around the stove and sipping cups of milk tea, and sharing your faith with Mongolians. Mongolia has suffered from economic hardships in recent years. One House seeks to improve the lives of nomadic herdsmen as well as Mongolians living in impoverished ger communities in the capital city.

    Your gift will drill wells, provide new gers after devastating fires, distribute livestock to replenish flocks, give coal for Christmas to keep gers warm, and teach marketable skills to provide people with sustainable employment. By living alongside Mongolian peoples and showing them Christian charity, workers share Christ's love and spread the good news to the last nomad.

  • Cultural Information:

    Mongolia is 2 cultures in one country.  In the capital, Ulaanbaatar, there is a very urban population who seek to make their livelihood in a new developing world.  These city-dwellers desire all the latest trends and fashion - from clothes, to cars, to cell phones.  And with their difficult economic situation it is difficult for them to provide for their families.  As they strive to gain material possessions, they work many hours just to provide basic goods for their families, but are always left wanting more.  We seek to show the One who Provides for all their needs! 


    In the countryside, some people live in rural villages, but 800,000 people are still purely nomadic.  They live in gers, which are circular shaped tents over a wooden lattice framework.  Imagine moving by packing all your worldly possessions, dismantling your house, loading it onto a horse-cart, traveling to a new location, and rebuilding your house and putting everything away in just a few hours.  Mongol herdsmen do this 4-11 times a year with all of their livestock.  Their diet is sustained by animal byproducts, and feel connected to the land they live on.  When disaster strikes their herd, they are deeply affected. 


    A mix of shamanism and Tibetan Buddhism makes up the predominate religion among Mongolians.  They typically place idols in their homes and give offerings of food regularly.  They also still honor their heritage as descendants of Gengis Khan.  Come proclaim the King of Kings, and Khan of Khans, to teach the truth of the Gospel and about the perfect sacrifice for our sins in Christ Jesus.

  • Geographic Information:

    Mongolia has a flat steppe to the east at about 5000 ft elevation and tall mountains to the west reaching 17000 ft elevation.  Temperatures get into the 90’s for a few weeks in the summer, but it can still remain cool in the countryside with the strong winds.  In the winter, Ulaanbaatar is considered the coldest capital in the world at -40 degrees Fahrenheit.  The countryside temperatures can plummet even further.  Because of these extremes, Mongolia is affected by many natural disaster which make living difficult for herdsmen and their flocks.  


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  • 2000 bags of coal are needed at $2 each
  • 4500 bundles of hay are needed at $4 each
  • 1000 audio Bibles and mp3 devices are needed at $15 each 
  • 400 goats are needed at $50 each 
  • 400 sheep are needed at $80 each
  • 10 new gers are needed at $2000 each
  • 5 new wells are needed at $4000 each

You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line


Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230

If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world. 

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  • Pray for the nomads who live in remote areas as they prepare for winter’s arrival, purchasing coal and supplies. Money is tight because of recent price hikes due to inflation.
  • Pray for nomadic herders who recently received new animals through funding from U.S. Christians. Pray that those animals will be hearty and make it through the winter, so that the nomads can build up their herds. Pray too for the Holy Spirit to work in their hearts recalling to their minds the Good News they heard when they received their animals. Pray that they would be drawn to read the Bibles they received as well.
  • Praise the Lord for nomads who have believed through these projects, and ask for the means to be available to revisit them to invest in discipleship.  Pray that even in their remote, isolated situations they would grow in the Lord as they read their Bibles and worship God on their own.

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