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One Freedom House

One Freedom House

Southeast Asia

The Freedom House provides shelter for women who have made the decision to exit prostitution and start a new life. Many of these women have children, so the families are able to stay together as they step out into the unknown. We provide free room and board for six months while they learn new skills, receive counseling, take classes, and whatever else they need to start over.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Serve the Lord in this shelter for women who have left prostitution. Manage the program by teaching classes, babysitting, tutoring and nurturing them with the Word of God. Encourage them and help them become new creations in Christ.

  • Cultural Information:

    The women come from different backgrounds, some have been sold into prostitution by their parents as kind of a 'retirement plan.' Some have been raped and are therefore considered 'unclean' already, so they don't have a lot of other options (or at least they don't think they do). A majority seem to be tricked into this lifestyle by a friend or boyfriend, who then becomes their pimp. 

  • Geographic Information:

    This Freedom House is located in the mountains, in a city of 4 million. The temperature is usually in the 70's and 80's. Rainy season is September-May, although it's been known to rain a lot outside of those months. It is an urban environment but there are waterfalls, hiking, volcanoes, and other natural areas within an hour's drive.


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Thannks to the donation of generous advocates, THE FREEDOM HOUSE HAS BEEN FUNDED. We are so greatful to all who have supported this project.

There may still be opportunities to serve with this project.

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As this is a new project, pray that it has a successful launch and is able to help many women.

Pray that God would call out workers to come help in this location.

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