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One Flood

One Flood

South Asia

Respond to the flood of refugees and massive disaster in this Muslim-majority country.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    A flood of 700,000 refugeeshas been driven into this South Asian country because of persecution, violence, and ethnic cleansing. Now they face new disasters such as floods, mudslides, hunger, and disease. This humanitarian crisis is one of the greatest of the modern age, and 60 percent of the victims are children. 

    Massive flooding  caused by monsoon rain has destroyed makeshift tent housing in refugee camps, causing mudslides and loss of life. During flooding, refugees are subject to water-borne disease like cholera, typhoid, diarrhea, and giardia; children and the elderly are the most vulnerable. 

    This situation providesa flood of unique opportunities to respond to human needs and share the gospel. As Christian workers respond, many doors open for to share the love of Jesus with those who have never heard. Your gift will provide firewood for cooking, a school for children, children’s meals, toilets, clean water, school supplies, lighting for camp safety, trauma counseling, and the gospel on SD cards. 

    A flood of supportis needed to respond to refugee needs. Getting to the hard-to-reach places is challenging because of flooding. Workers must travel by air, boat, train, or other forms of ground transportation. Finding lodging in the affected areas is difficultLocating survivorsmeeting immediate needs, sharing the gospel, and providing follow-up discipleship are the priorities of crisis ministry. The ongoing flood of refugees and regular monsoon flooding that displaces people is a crisis for this nation whose basic human resources are already stretched thin. Give today to help South Asians realize that God loves them and will be their refuge, protector, provider, and Savior. 

  • Cultural Information:

    A flood of 700,000 Muslim refugees has been driven into this South Asian country as a result of persecution, violence, and ethnic cleansing. Now they face new disasters such as floods, mudslides, hunger, and disease. This humanitarian crisis is one of the greatest of the modern age. 

  • Geographic Information:

    South Asia


Help support a flood of refugees to this South Asian country. 

  • $5 - gospel SD card - need 10,000 SD cards
  • $9 – 40kg of cooking firewood per family - need 4,900 units  
  • $26 - school uniform and shoes - need 30 uniforms and shoes.
  • $30 - mid-day meal for 30 students and teachers - need 420 days
  • $100 – trauma counseling training - need 12 counselors trained
  • $200 - gospel witness and church planting training - need 12 trained
  • $230 - clean water well
  • $500 – toilet for school
  • $655 – 25 lights for camp safety
  • $2,500 - schoolhouse, furnishings and supplies

You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

IMB – OneLife 

PO Box 6767 

Richmond, VA 23230 


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  • Pray for families traumatized by ethnic persecution.
  • Pray for hearts and minds to be open to the gospel among this Muslim people group. 
  • Pray for relief workers effectiveness, sensitivity to the Holy Spirit's leading, health and safety

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