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One Farmer

One Farmer


Train and demonstrate natural farming techniques to help poor rural farmers grow safe and healthy food to sell for greater profit.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Change the lives of farmers one compost heap at a time! Work alongside poor rural farmers as they learn natural farming techniques that will allow them to grow healthier, higher profit food in their Himalayan villages. People in this part of the world are becoming more concerned about what is being put in the food they eat. Chemical pesticides and additives are common practice and there is little regulation to protect families when they buy produce from local markets.

    Demonstrate natural farming techniques like organic soil amendments, vermicomposting, raised bed farming, and stink-free animal pens. As farmers use chemical free methods, they can sell their fruits and vegetables for higher prices in the market place and better provide for their family. If you don’t have experience, don’t worry! Come work alongside farmers, build relationships, learn with them, and share about the Lord of the harvest. The harvest truly is plentiful but the workers are few!

  • Cultural Information:

    When animals get sick or crops fail rural farmers don’t merely lose some income for the year, they often lose their very food source. These farmers live in fear of the evil spirits they believe control their lives, their crops, and the health of their animals and family. With over 200 different people groups in Southwest China that have yet to hear about the One who has power over nature and demons, there is great need and opportunity to share the Good News.

  • Geographic Information:

    Work on-site with rural farmers at the OneFarm Training Center located outside a county seat city of almost 1 million people. At the Training Center, farmers will see examples of natural farming techniques and the results they produce. Other projects will require traveling out to remote villages on the Himalaya Mountain foothills 2-3 hours away from the city. Ascending from the city at 8000 feet, you may travel to nearly 14,000 feet of elevation where growing seasons are short and the climate harsh. These are the places and people that truly need to make the best of their land, their farming resources, and their time.


Change the life of a local farmer

  • $25 -- 1 set of breeding rabbits/chickens
  • $50 -- greenhouse construction kit for rural farms
  • $50 -- Vermicomposter (worm box)
  • $60 -- 1 set of rabbit/chicken cages
  • $100 -- 2 Day "Farm to Market" training scholarship for farmers and national missionaries
  • $100 -- 10 lbs organic non-GMO vegetable seed
  • $100 -- 2 Day "Healthy Food-Healthy Children" training scholarship for needy mothers and subsistence farmers
  • $150 -- 1 set of breeding pigs
  • $150 -- 1 set of breeding goats
  • $150 -- 3 Day "Natural Farming Techniques" training scholarship for local farmer
  • $7,500 -- training center rental 3 years
  • $21,500 -- farm equipment (farm truck, trailer, feed mill)


You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line


Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230



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Pray that local farmers would hear and respond to the gospel.

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