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One Family

One Family


Support micro-business for uneducated Himalayan women without opportunities for work. Provide skills, salary, dignity and the gospel. 

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Opportunities to improve their livelihoods are few for Himalayan women living in mountain villages. Even in major cities, only low-income jobs are available to them because of lack of education and marketable skills. Your partnership and financial gift will change that reality by offering skills-development training, literacy classes, health-care seminars, and the gospel.

    Classes on fetal development, for example, will explain the value that God places on human life, countering the previaling view of this region that devalues life. Helping the women improve their families' lives as well as explaining the intrinsic value of each person created in the image of God will help families understand the love God has for them and the gift of salvation he offers each person.

    Another goal is to help the women to find ways to sell products they create and develop long-lasting businesses that provide a stable, sustainable foundation for their lives and livelihood. Give today to help establish a robust platform from which to speak into the lives of the women to teach them about the One who created them, loves them, and died for them.

  • Cultural Information:

    This is a Hindu majority nation. We are targeting minority Tibetan Buddhist peoples. We try to distinguish ourselves from the garden variety trekker (grungy dread-locks and straggly beard) that comes to our country looking for enlightenment. Volunteer clothing and look should be modest and clean in order to differentiate ourselves and our message from them.

  • Geographic Information:

    Densely-populated, under-developed urban center. It is rustic, modern, filthy and fun. Modern shopping malls share the landscape with 15th century, decaying architecture. In the mountains, trails consist of steep, rugged, stair-step terrains that comb the nether regions of the world’s highest mountain range. Four to five days journey on foot, far away from civilization, ascending and descending thousands of feet to reach our people groups.


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Purchase of sewing machines, woodcarving machines, embroidery machines: $5,000

Purchase of initial start up materials for sewing and crafting: $3000

Rental of center for families for trainings and classes/shop: $1000 per month/$24,000 total (over 2 years)

Supplies to furnish center for families and shop: $20,000

Supplies for trainings and classes: $10,000

Supplies for women/families in need (baby clothing, blankets, school clothes, school fees, etc): $15,000

Travel expenses to get into mountain villages for trainings and classes: $8,000

Expenses for a stipend for a national partners/staff to work with running the center/shop: $10,000 

Expenses to train staff: $5000


You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line


Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230



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Pray that the gospel message touches many families through this project.

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