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One Cup Of Water

One Cup Of Water

South Asia

Repair or provide public hand pump water wells in 1,200 local villages. Provide clean water for people who have none. Share Living Water.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Water access is a luxury in villages in this area of South Asia. People may walk miles to fetch water for their daily needs. The solution could be as simple as replacing a broken pump handle ($10). 

    Water pumps in 1,200 villages are missing handles or have broken cylinders. The average person may not have access to clean or free public water. In some villages there is not even a single hand pump. You can provide a working water pump for every village. Your team can join a GPS team to help identify broken pumps.

  • Cultural Information:

    Hinduism prevails in this part of South Asia.  Buddhism, Jainism and Islam are also present. The culture is very conservative. Men and women are expected to dress modestly and western-style clothing is not appropriate for women. (need to dress like the locals).

  • Geographic Information:

    This are has about 102 million people. The climate is very hot during the summer months.





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New well = $555
New pump cylinder and replacement rod = $230
New pump handle = $10
New pump head = $40

**These prices are estimates that include both parts and labor.**

If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world. 

Give To This Project


Pray that God would continue to call volunteers to come and finish the survey of the existing water conditions in the remaining 900 villages in this rural district.

Pray for God to provide the resources to provide publicly accessible water in all 1400 villages in this district.  50-60% of the approximately 20,000 publically accessible hand pumps are non-functional. 

Pray that the local believers in this area would use this project to rapidly expand the Kingdom of God.

Pray for favor with local governmental officials both during and as the result of this project.

Pray that those who receive drinking water would have open hearts to listen and receive the living water of Jesus Christ.

Please pray that as a result of this project the Gospel would saturate this district and a multitude of healthy churches would result.

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