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One Connection

One Connection


Provide a community center to meet needs and reach North African immigrants with the gospel.


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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    This gospel-driven community center is a social hub, located in a neighborhood comprised of peoples North Africa immigrants. The center offers social services, sponsors neighborhood events and classes, and opens doors to new relationships and opportunities to share the gospel.

    Kids English clubs, painting and baking classes, adult ESL, sports and summer day camp, and Mommy and Me classes strengthen relationships with North African families, meet felt and open doors for gospel witness that otherwise would remain firmly closed. 

    Your gift to this project will provide courses in language acquisition, business skills, and sale-able crafts such as jewelry making, classes which will also offer missionaries a natural entre to this people group to share the hope of salvation. Immigrants from Northern Africa the Middle East are challenging to access with the gospel. Field personnel partner with Spanish Baptist churches and volunteers from US churches to facilitate classes and activities. Give today to support the community center to reach North African immigrants with the gospel.

  • Cultural Information:

    Many immigrants in this city are Muslims from Northern Africa and the Middle East. 

  • Geographic Information:

    Large city in Southern Europe


Your gift will help with the operational costs for the commuinity center. 

  • Rent: $16,200 per year for 5 years - $81,000 total 
  • Utilities: $4080 per year for 5 years - $20,400 total 
  • Deposits & Realtor Fees - $4,220 
  • Furnishing - $5,000

    You can also donate by check

    • Write check to IMB
    • Include project name on memo line

    Mail to:

    OneLife – IMB

    PO Box 6767

    Richmond, VA 23230

Give To This Project


  • Pray for the immigrant families in the local community, that their hearts would be open to the gospel.
  • Pray that the commuinity center leaders can find new ministries to reach the North African men from the community. 

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