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One Community

One Community

South Africa

Transform a community by loving orphans, caring for the dying and bringing hope to those who live in poverty and despair. Many children become the head of their household because the parents have died of AIDs. In child-headed households, the oldest child raises the younger ones and therefore doesn't go to school. Transform this community by loving orphans, caring for the dying and bringing hope to those who live in great poverty and despair. Minister in the name of Jesus and bring light to the darkness.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    People struggle with poverty, hunger and health in this South African township. Most live in shacks constructed of tin and wood. Outside toilets and water are shared with neighbors. There is little money for food or school fees, clothes and supplies.

    Among orphans and vulnerable children there is little adult supervision and sexual promiscuity is rampant, resulting in AIDs and/or pregnancy. The many AIDS sufferers often have no one to look after their needs. There are not enough medical supplies available to meet the needs of the patients. Very few know Jesus. Hopelessness prevails.

    You can help care for 140 people in home based care, 100 living with HIV/AIDS and 500 orphans. Some of the orphans live in child-headed households and are also sick. You may distribute health care and food parcels house to house. Assist the care givers as they cook, clean and meet the physical needs of patients. Minister to the orphans, playing games and leading holiday Bible clubs. Work in the community garden. Other ministry needs are for counseling, nursing training, and English tutoring. Youth need mentors and Christian role models. Share the Gospel in all situations, disicple and train new believers and help plant a church. You can make a difference in this community.

  • Cultural Information:

    The ministry is located in a setting with overwhelming poverty and hopelessness. There are many child-headed households where both parents have died of HIV/AIDS. There are thousands of orphans. There is a hospice ministry to AIDS patients. Many mix Christianity with traditional African beliefs. This is a challenging assignment.

  • Geographic Information:

    Located on the outskirts of the large modern city of Johannesburg. Soweto has a population of 4 million. Within Soweto is Tshepisong, a poor area made up of government-built houses and shacks. The area is 5,700 feet above sea level with cool winters and mild summers. This is a high-crime area.


Grown Up Too Fast


Six youth recently made a decision to follow Christ during an International World Changers ministry.  Between changes and school the follow up is not progressing well.  Please pray for Christinia, Junior, Nolitha,  Linda, Anitha and Tina to be willing to follow wholeheartedly. 

Some of the funding the government has provided in the past for home-based care worker's stipends has ended.  This is causing discouragement.  Pray that the workers would continue to work bringing health and encouragement to the community. 

Many of the orphans do not have birth certificates and so are not eligible for government grants.  Pray red tape could be cut through so the children would be able to receive the help they need. 

IWC visited Gloria in her home and shared the Gospel with her.  She is young but suffers from AIDS and a stroke.  Gloria made a profession of faith, is being discipled but struggles to live the Christian life. 

Pray that people with TB and HIV/AIDS would take their medicine.  This is the difference between life and death, but many don't want to face their condition or feel better and stop "drinking" their medicine.

 Workers hear 1 to 3 Bible stories a week.  Pray they would truly understand the Gospel and repent.  Most consider themselves Christian but the Gospel does not impact their lives. 

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