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One Community Center

One Community Center

East Asia

Revitalize neglected community centers for ministry and outreach.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    In poor urban communities and rural villages throughout East Asia, children have few safe places to go after school and on weekends. Parents are busy working, and grandparents or other relatives are often unable to help. Many of these villages have a neglected, unused community center.

    Local believers help bring these centers to life, creating a safe place where kids from preschool through 6th grade can come after school and on weekends to receive free tutoring and take part in free English, art, and music classes. By caring for the children the center and it's workers earn the trust and respect of parents and community leaders.

    This outreach enables local believers to share their lives with the community in order to share the gospel, start small groups, and plant indigenous community churches. Your gift will provide resources to host community center programs in multiple communities throughout the year.

  • Cultural Information:

    East Asia culture greatly values family and education. Providing community centers to meet the needs of children is a positive step to an open door for the gospel. 

  • Geographic Information:

    East Asia


Your gift will be used to revitalize, repair and rebuild community centers in rural areas, ministering to the needs of children and the elderly.

  • Community Center Renovation: $10,000 per center
  • Summer/Holiday Day Camps: $1000 per camp
  • Support for Community Center director: $450 per month
  • Project administrator: $450 per month
  • $400 for media capability for each center
  • $350 per community center for 2 computers and 1 printer
  • Transportation to Rural Community Centers: $100 per month
  • Tutoring, Craft, Art Supplies: $50 per student each semester
  • Library Books: $5 per book

Total Project Cost: $100,000

You can also donate by check

  • Write the check to IMB
  • Include project name on the memo line

 Mail to:

 OneLife – IMB

 PO Box 6767

 Richmond, VA 23230

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  • Pray for openness among local government leaders for permission to access and use existing community centers.
  • Pray for open hearts and minds as the gospel is shared. 
  • Pray for openness among childrens' parents, grandparents, and caretakers as the children participate in community center activities. 

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