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One Childrens Center

One Childrens Center


Provide community centers for children who are left-behind in the countryside while parents work in big city factories. 

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Millions of parents leave their children “at home” in the countryside while they go to work in the big cities and factories. These 'left behind' children are growing up without any parents beside them. 61 million children in China are left in their rural homes while parents live and work in another part of the country. Usually they are left with other relatives, often elderly grandparents who have little education.

    According to the China Women’s Federation, a Communist Party advocacy group, about one in five children (61 million) in China have not seen one or both of their parents for at least three months. These children are known as “left-behind kids.” Nowhere else on earth do so many children live largely on their own. Here is a June 1, 2016 CCTV news update on the “left-behind kids”:

    Left-behind children experience loneliness and sexual abuse, and juvenile crime rates are rising. A survey of left-behind children’s mental health showed that there are psychological and emotional problems caused by leaving children behind including: feelings of vulnerability, low self-esteem, lack of confidence, anxiety, and pessimism. Apart from their parents, children display a reduced interest in learning, are apathetic to ethical concerns, and have security problems. These children want love, attention and care.

    This project provides afterschool care centers for children. The centers are safe places staffed with church members as adult supervisors. The centers provide video-conferencing for children to talk with their parents and will have books, toys and educational activities. The centers also provide responsible adults to read books, lead activities, and provide counseling for children as well as offer classes to teach families about child protection and caring for children with mental disorders.

    Proverbs 22:6 Train a child in the way he should go, and when he is old he will not turn from it.

  • Cultural Information:

    In Chinese traditional culture, you do not have a family until you have purchased a home. People will leave and ignore their family in order to work and save to buy their own home.

    Many migrant parents believe they are fulfilling their duty to raise their family’s standard of living. Income sent home helps pay for better food and education, and some workers save enough money to build a new home in their rural village. It is common for both parents to leave home together, leaving their children behind, since they can save faster by both taking jobs in the city.

    An NGO survey of rural boarding schools reported that China has 11 million elementary students and 22 million junior high school students in rural boarding schools, 60% of which are left behind children. The children in rural boarding schools are on average 6-10 centimeters shorter than other children their age and weigh 3-9 kilograms less. They live in dormitories which are crowded, dangerous, and smelly, affecting the children’s mental health. 63.8% of the children in the rural boarding schools report loneliness. 

  • Geographic Information:

    The children’s community centers will be established in rural villages and in urban areas where there are large populations of migrant families. About 100 million children have migrant workers for parents, with about 60 million of these being left behind at home, while the other 40 million migrated with their parents. Because parents and grandparents are unable to take care of left-behind children, many are placed in boarding schools.


Hope For Left Behind Children


Initially, 10 childrens centers will be developed and staffed

  • Sponsor one child = $12 per month, $144 per year
  • Sponsor one community center: $1200 per month, $14,400 per year
  • Library books 800 x $5 = $4000
  • Shelves 3 x $30 = $90
  • Stools 50 x $6 = $300
  • Children’s toys   = $500                                         
  • Projector = $500                                                       
  • Office cleaning & supplies 12 mo x $50  = $600
  • Cups, water and equipment  = $500
  • Character courses 12 x $300  = $3600
  • Health sanitation 12 x $300   = $3600
  • School supplies  = $500                                   

You can also donate by check

  • Write check to IMB
  • Include project name on memo line

Mail to:

OneLife – IMB

PO Box 6767

Richmond, VA 23230


Give To This Project


  1. Pray that church members will be involved in children’s ministries.
  2. Pray that children will not be deeply affected by absent parents. 
  3. Pray that children will be protected from sexual abuse.
  4. Pray that children will receive their character and values from the Bible.
  5. Pray that parents will value family harmony.

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