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One Business

One Business

East Asia

Teach pastors new skills that help them establish their own business so they can support their families, plant new churches and bless their communities by providing needed services.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Most churches in this part of East Asia are small and unable to financially support a full-time pastor. Because of the local economic conditions, persecution, and government restrictions on religious activities, most churches must meet secretly, often in a storefront or a home. Most pastors work full-time jobs and desperately desire to plant churches. They often must find outside employment, which leads to burn out, financial hardship on their families, and unhealthy churches.

    The best solution is to help pastors establish their own business, enabling them to provide for their families, advance church planting efforts, bless their community by providing needed goods and services, and have the flexibility that pastoral ministry requires. 

    The six-month pastoral internship provides training in business management and how to make, market, and sell baked goods, noodles, and coffee, as well as ministry training in theology, pastoral care, preaching, and other essential areas of church leadership. The goal of this internship is to train pastors to establish businesses that glorify Jesus and bless the communities around them and create legitimate platforms for building relationships in the community. The internship also fully equips pastors to plant and pastor churches that glorify God. Many of these pastors will plant churches in places where the gospel has never been proclaimed and their business platform will provide legitimate access into those locations.

    Volunteers will skills in business management, baking, or coffee roasting/barista are welcome to come and train at any time during the internship. Volunteers who have experience in pastoral/church planting training are also welcomed to come and help train the participants.

    Logistical support (housing, travel, food, living expense) for trainees/interns: $30,000 X 3 years - $90,000

    Business training equipment for workshop:  $5,000

    Total: $95,000

  • Cultural Information:

    This is one of the poorest regions of the country and has also historically been one of the most restrictive places to the advance of the gospel.

  • Geographic Information:

    This area of the counry is largely rural and very poor. Many of the people in the big cities are migrants who come from the countryside to work in factories.


3 year financial requirements include:

Logistical support (housing, travel, food, living expense) for trainees/interns: $30,000 X 3 years - $90,000

Business training equipment for workshop:  $5,000

Total 3 years: $95,000

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 OneLife – IMB

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  • Ask God to open doors for pastors to create businesses in their communities. 
  • Pray for the spread of the gospel in this area where very few have heard. 

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