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One Brothel

One Brothel


More than 35,000 young women in this city are exploited and enslaved. These young sex workers and prostitutes live without knowledge of the Truth that can set them free. You can minister through prayer, discipleship and support for local ministries and a safe-house. Change the lives of young brothel workers. See every red light turned off and the light of Christ turned on in the life of each girl. 

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Although prostitution is illegal in China, the average street in this city can have as many as ten brothels, often located within two to three blocks of each other.

    A brothel may have as many as eight girls. The girls are subject to sexually transmitted diseases and physical abuse. Many come from rural areas and use their money to support their families living in the countryside. They move to China’s urban centers with hopes for a brighter future. Some of the girls have been trafficked. Some are physically enslaved. All are exploited by their bosses and owners. All live in spiritual bondage.

    You can raise support to help keep the safe-house open. You can serve in a local bakery ministry run by former prostitutes. You can prepare gift bags for weekly distribution or teach practical skills to the girls. You can participate in daily prayer walking and Bible study.

    Bring hope to those who have none. Share the Truth with those who desperately need a Savior. Raise awareness. Raise funding, Raise prayer support.

    Change the lives of young brothel workers. See every red light turned off and the light of Christ turned on in the life of each girl. 

  • Cultural Information:

    China has a 5,000 year old history with rich culture and traditions. The people are warm and hospitable. Their hearts are open to a message of Truth and Hope.

  • Geographic Information:

    This project is located in a major city of 8 million.


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Provide a place of security and comfort for women who have been rescued from sex slavery. You can support the safehouse for exploited women. Your gift of $30 will keep the safehouse open for ONE DAY. Here are specific ways your donation will help this project.


      $30 will keep the safe house open for one day

      $1000 will pay rent and utilities for one month

      $250 will provide food for safe house residents for one month


     Five gift bags = $5
     New Testament = $2.50
     Discipleship material = $2.50
     Magdalena DVD = $15

If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world. 

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That the Gospel of Jesus Christ will be communicated to every girl in every brothel in this city. And that each girl will be given an opportunity to respond to the Gospel and have a new life in JC.

That national partners will rise up and join our team to reach the girls in the brothels.

That the Lord would provide the funds to open a storefront to provide jobs for girls.

Pray for each girl who has already heard the good news and who we visit regularly. Pray that they will respond to the Lords call to follow Him. Pray for a new life and freedom from Slavery.

Pray for endurance for all who are working with this project. 


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