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One Baby

One Baby

South Africa

Every day in South Africa 7 babies are abandoned and killed.  Each month the bodies of more than 200 newborn babies are found in rivers or trash dumps. You can help the Door of Hope ministry rescue and care for abandoned newborn babies. Share hope and truth with those who have none.

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Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Poverty and rape are factors causing young mothers to abandon their babies. The mothers are often unable to provide for or unwilling to keep an unwanted baby. Babies bodies are often discovered in the trash dumps or in the river. The Door of Hope ministry center provides a small door in the wall surrounding a house where mothers can leave their unwanted babies. The ‘hole in the wall’ is big enough for an infant, and is wired with a sensor to alert the workers when a new baby has arrived. Abandoned babies are rescued and their needs are met until they are adopted. Ministry workers care for the daily needs of the babies and work in the community to provide education that will change lives.


  • Cultural Information:

    Even though Johannesburg is the largest city in South Africa, there is great poverty in its many squatter and migrant camps. It is a place of friendship, vibrancy and contrasts. Johannesburg is also a place of spiritual darkness.

  • Geographic Information:

    Johannesburg is known for prosperity, wealth and opportunity.  The population of the greater Johannesburg metropolitan area exceeds 8 million. 




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Here are specific ways your donation will help this project.

Diapers for a baby for one week = $10
Formula for a baby for one month = $30
Wipes for a baby for one week = $5
Cereal for a baby for one month = $20
Disinfectant per house per day = $5
Sheets per bed = $15
Receiving bin for babies = $1,500
Wall to hold the bin = $3,500

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PRAY for the opening of a 4th 'baby house'. 




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