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One Refugee School

One Refugee School

Middle East

War in Syria has caused millions of people to leave their country and their homes.  Children have been greatly affected and no longer have schools to go to. This is a huge concern for their parents.  One Refugee School supports the education of 300 refugee children in 7 tent schools in 3 countries and creates opportunities to share the love of Christ daily and reach whole families with the gospel. 

Project Details

  • Project Description:

    As the war in Syria continues, the needs of Syrian refugees become more urgent. Currently, the greatest felt need of Syrian families is for education for their children. Families fear that their children will have no future without an education. This project creates opportunities to share the love of Christ daily, in a sustained way, to reach whole families with the gospel. 

    This project enables the work of multiple Syrian education centers, currently educating more than 300 Syrian children. Students benefit from seasonal clothes as they are growing and do not have enough. Families benefit from food aid and/or winter aid when extra blankets and heat are needed. Syrian students and their families are offered health screenings and  help in covering the cost of medications, as well as dental and optometry aid.

    Volunteers can help train teachers and help with medical screening. There is also a great need for counselors for children and their families. Most of these children are suffering from degrees of PTSD and need to talk to a native-Arabic speaker trained in these issues. There is little space for kids to run and play outside so field trips or sports equipment would be great. Technology is also a great addition to education whenever funds are available. OneLife advocates can provide school supplies, materials, meals, building rent and utilities, transportation, and salaries for teachers and bus drivers.

    This project protects childhood, fights against ignorance and provides children with basic life skills which will be needed not only for their futures, but in order to rebuild Syria. The education approach helps meet the physical and the spiritual needs of whole Syrian refugee families during an unprecedented window of opportunity of spiritual openness.

  • Cultural Information:

    Syria and neighboring countries have a rich culture and long history. The Syrian people are Muslim, practicing Islamic beliefs, customs and traditions.

  • Geographic Information:

    The summer climate is dry and hot, averaging 90 degrees F during the day. Winters are cold. The terrain is hilly. In addition to large UN refugee camps, the refugees are living in various places throughout cities and towns. Volunteers working with this project may walk over 1-1.5 miles per day and will be standing a majority of the day.



  • Curriculum/supplies for 300 students - $32 per student per year

  • Food for 300 students - $312 per student per yr ($26 per student per mo)

  • Salaries for 19 teachers - $262 per teacher, per month.

  • Utilities, electricity – (5 schools) $22 per day, $675 per month

  • Rent – apartments, land, building - $1891 per month

  • Tent for a tent school -- $5000

  • Sponsor an entire school for a year -- from $20,000
  • Total cost per month, 7 schools, 19 teachers, 300 students = $1636.

If total donations exceed the financial needs of this project the funds may be used for similar projects in other areas of the world.

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  • Pray for openness in the hearts of children and their parents as they are hearing the gospel for the first time.
  • Pray that the joy of learning will overcome the trauma these children have experienced.
  • Pray for those providing aid and those daily bringing true hope in Christ.

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