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One Farm

One Farm


Help poor families raise jalapenos to sell. Jalapeno peppers are more rare in Kosovo and sell for a higher price. For many families, farming is the only way for them to make money.

Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Christian workers, work in a village to help poor families raise jalapenos for sale and export. The farmers know how to grow peppers but jalapenos are not usually found in Kosovo. There is a high demand in certain restaurants for jalapenos and they are willing to pay a higher price than what they would for their traditional peppers. Workers cultivate seedlings in the greenhouse and help the local villagers plant, harvest and sell the jalapenos.

  • Cultural Information:

    This is a Muslim country but the people are western in their dress. Students may wear trendy clothing, but avoid showing skin. Skirts should be at the knee or longer, and shorts no more than four inches above the knee in the summer. Dress conservatively. Jeans are fine for anyone under 30.

  • Geographic Information:

    Kosovo is located north of Greece in a mountain region. The weather is cold in the winter with lots of snow.  Urban areas have outdoor coffee bars and restaurants. Pristina is the capital with a population of about 500,000. It is fairly modern.  The focus city is situated at the base of the mountains with beautiful scenic views. It is about an hour and a half from the capital.



Here are specific ways your donation will help.

Greenhouses for one farm = $2,500
Potting soil for one farm = $200
Seeds for one farm = $300
Fertilizer for one farm = $250
Water and electricity for one farm = $600

Give To This Project


Pray that the volunteers will be able to help and better the lives of the farming families.

Pray that hearts will be open to accept the love of Christ during each visit.

Pray that harvesting goes well for these farming families.


Here is a download of ideas to help personalize this project for your children's group.

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