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One Child

One Child

East Asia

Meet the physical and educational needs of orphans who are suffering from hunger and poverty and face developmental delays because of severe malnutrition.

Project Details

  • Project Description:

    Orphans in this country are suffering from hunger and poverty, and many face developmental delays because of severe malnutrition. Meeting physical needs for food,  clothing and shelter opens doors for the gospel in one of the most difficult to access populations in the world.

    Provide food for hungry orphans in our country, and meet other practical needs of children by giving them school supplies, clothing and improved living facilities. Simple gifts can significantly lift their living conditions. 

  • Cultural Information:

    This Unreached People Group (UPG) is extremely isolated from the outside world and opportunities for them to hear the gospel are scarce. 

  • Geographic Information:

    The mountainous landscape of this area offers amazing beauty, but also hosts an unforgiving landscape home to harsh winters and non-arable land.  Recent famines and other natural disasters have made farming difficult, leaving local food supplies scarce.

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    Jack's Visit With The Orphans 1

    Jack's Visit With The Orphans 2
    Jack's Visit With The Orphans 3
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Food for one child for a month = $10

Food for one child for a year = $150

Clothing for one orphan = $15

Warm underwear for one orphan = $10

Shoes for one orphan = $15

School supplies for one orphan = $15

Solar-powered lamp for orphanage room = $30

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Most orphans in this area are suffering from severe stunted growth and many lack normal brain development due to severe malnutrition during infancy. Ask for protection over the fragile health that they have.

Many are orphans as a result of mothers dying in labor while giving birth. Ask that they will one day understand the love of a Father who cares for them.

Ongoing access to this group is a challenge. Ask that doors continue to be opened  to help more and more of these children.


Here is a download of ideas to help personalize this project for your children's group.

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