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People of Mongolia find life without alcohol and hope for the future

By Caroline Anderson

Editor’s Note: Lucy Station* and her husband, Peter,* hit the steppe running. They arrived in Mongolia in March and are already involved in a ...
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Upcoming Mission Trips

  • Jalapeno.jpg

    One Farm


    SERVE ANY 7-10 DAYS. Work in a village helping poor farming families raise jalapenos. Volunteers would be working in the green house with the seedlings; help the local villagers plant, take care of, and harvest the jalapenos. Those with an agricultural background can help educate the locals in areas such as blight control and proper crop rotation. Volunteers will also help in the marketing of the jalapenos to the restaurants, general public, and even exporting to neighboring counties.

    Dates: 02/01/2015 - 06/07/2015

    Volunteers Needed: 4

    Cost: $246 + airfare

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  • bangladesh001__small.jpg

    One Freedom House

    Southeast Asia

    We are looking for someone to "do life" with the women in the Freedom House, as well as oversee the daily operations of the house. You will be the bridge between the daily life of the ladies in the Freedom House and the supervisors, who are unable to spend every day there. You will spend your days facilitating their schedule, teaching classes, tutoring their children, babysitting their children, helping them make plans for life after the Freedom House program, leading Bible studies, encouraging them, menu planning, shopping, and basically doing whatever it takes to provide the best care for these ladies and their kids.

    Dates: 04/01/2015 - 09/03/2015

    Volunteers Needed: 1-2 females

    Cost: $2005 + airfare

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  • Jalapeno.jpg

    One Farm


    DATES ARE FLEXIBLE! Students with agricultural skills will assist poor farming families plant, cultivate and harvest jalapenos. Help these farmers improve their crop production. You may also help market the produce to restaurants, public markets and even to neighboring counties. Do all this while sharing the Good News of Jesus!

    Dates: 05/01/2015 - 08/31/2015

    Volunteers Needed: 1-4

    Cost: $33/day + airfare

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  • Mobile_Home_picture.jpg

    One Nomad


    SERVE ANY 2 WEEKS! We need a group of students to accompany our Mongolian partners to areas where we conducted an animal restocking project. These students would work alongside the nomads, share their faith, and lead discipleship lessons and worship services in the homes of nomads.

    Dates: 06/01/2015 - 06/30/2015

    Volunteers Needed: 4

    Cost: $1100 + airfare

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  • smiling_in_the_grass.jpg

    One Girl's Shelter


    You will help in the everyday activities at a day shelter for beggar girls.  Your objective will be to help in teaching these young girls spiritual and physical things.  You would share Bible stories and also do teaching on hygiene.  Through the shelter, you would have the opportunity to go into the areas they live and love their families and also share Bible stories in these areas.  You will show the love of Christ to the people here and prayerfully through that, they will come to know Him.

    Dates: 06/01/2015 - 06/15/2015

    Volunteers Needed: 1 female

    Cost: $750 + airfare

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